mturpin 2 years, 12 months ago on Phoebe responds to Leapfrog score

phoebe has some of the worse ER Doctoers ever, they come in and tell you that what you are telling them is not whats going on..... i have had certain thing wrong with me for over 26 years i belive i know whats wrong with me. Had one who told me when he found out that i smoke that he should just go out and get his shot gun and let me just shoot myself right then... really!!!! went in one time with my sugar at 629 sat there for over 9 hours and all they done was give me some fulids and no insiln and let me go with my sugar still at 629.... come on phoebe you can do better then that. you say that this info was from 2009 really why dont you ask the people that has to go there and see what they have to say ......


mturpin 3 years, 1 month ago on Leesburg increases rates for trash collection

really i have been [paying 23 $ ] all this time i think they need to give us a refund !!!!!


mturpin 4 years, 3 months ago on Lee County mother contends her son manhandled by teacher

really ????? BillyBob no matter what this child can or can not due he has the right to be in school. And no teacher has the right to put their hands on them for any reason. this includes all children. just because he is non- verbal does not mean they can do what ever they want. . we send our children to school where they should be safe and this is not happening . 2 times in three day is unexsuable. IF THIS WAS YOUR CHILD I GUESS YOU WOULD PUT THEM IN A FACILITY SO THAT YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO BE IN YOUR CHILDS LIFE. PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS ARE VERY LOVING PEOPLE. SOME OF THE MOST CARING PEOPLE YOU WOULD EVER WANT TO MEET. THEY GIVE UP A LOT TO LOVE AND CARE FOR THEIR CHILD AND FOR YOU TO MAKE SUCH A COMMENT LIKE THAT SHOW US THAT YOU DONT HAVE A CLUE !!!!!!!!!!!