muki123 2 years, 8 months ago on muki123

It is in our interest that Mexico be a viable neighbor that gives Mexicans a reason to stay home and become a member of a thriving economy.

Mass immigration is unnatural, and illegal immigration has dire consequences to both the US and Mexico.

It won’t be long before Mexican-Americans are a majority in the western United States demanding and gaining changes to the present-day relationships of Mexico and Mexicans to the United States. These relationships have been dominated by the United States since immigration first became a grave issue.

The problem of illegal immigration cannot be solved by building higher walls but by both Mexico and the U.S. creating incentives not only for Mexicans to stay, work and prosper in their own country, but also open employment opportunities for American workers

Mexico is extremely rich in natural resources that are yet to be exploited. One of them, Baja California, neighbor to most of the western United States, has the most pristine and unspoiled coast that is unrivaled in the entire North American continent. Except for Tijuana, Ensenada, and Cabo San Lucas, Baja’s coastline harkens back to prehistoric times, being completely desolate and devoid of people.

Here’s an idea : why not build a super highway starting from the northern tip of Baja’s Pacific coast all the way to Cabo San Lucas and then north along the Sea of el Cortez to the Colorado delta ?

Mexican toll roads are some of the best highways in the world. Most of them were developed by investors from the U.S. and other countries. The agreement with the Mexican government is usually for a 99 year lease with a guaranteed return on equity; an excellent and secure investment for both Mexico and the investor.

This will create the infrastructure for Baja to become the year-round playground for North America. Especially now that gambling is legal in Mexico, opportunities for the development of Las Vegas-style casino resorts are endless.

The building of a more than 2,200 mile highway, casino-resorts and the towns to support them would create enormous employment opportunities not only for Mexicans but also for American workers whose skills are not readily available in Mexico.

In this win-win scenario, one can see the possibility of reverse migration.

Maybe they’ll even build a wall to keep us out !