mypersonalopinion 3 years, 11 months ago on Report: ‘Disgrace’ in county schools (updated with list of teachers)

This is not a good example to set for our children that are taught by the named cheaters. There is no leadership and especially no integrity. Don't care if they were instructed to help on the test with answers or to change the answers, Intergrity is what you do when no one is watching. That is what the school system is guilty of. Lack of intergrity. Lack of accountability. I believe everyone on the list should immediately be terminated. The entire school board should be replaced===From Murphree on down. He was named superintendent under suspecious conditions and he certainly has proven himself to be a failure. We need good leadership for the children. I don't know how these cheaters can face their piers and the children that they teach. Velvet Riggins is a prime example of trying to beat the system by the smirk on her face when the TV reporter tried to interview her. That is the way they feel== Entitled. I'm tired of people thinking they are entitled. I have worked all of my life and paid my taxes and never asked for any free services. What am I entitled to???


mypersonalopinion 3 years, 11 months ago on Hillard out as symphony conductor

I guess readers will never know the truth about this incident. I think it is a shame that his actions has hurt his family. He is truly the one to blame