myside 3 years ago on All hail Emperor Obama

The second biggest shame in America is President Obama. The biggest shame is that the government and populace allow him to continue destroying our once great country. "Sheep being led to the slaughter" describes us.


myside 3 years ago on Braves release struggling Hernandez, recall Medlen

Now we know why Hernandez was signed by the Braves. He was a friend of Fredi. Signing old friends instead of players has not helped the Braves one bit.


myside 3 years ago on Wisconsin has taught us lessons

This is the most garbage filled article you have posted in a long time. You just typed words with no actual thinking attached to them.


myside 3 years ago on Wisconsin may foreshadow November

Looks like the voters in Wisconsin, and probably nationwide, don't buy into the "political experts" guesswork. Good job Wisconsin folks.


myside 3 years, 1 month ago on Militant activist 101: Stir up the people

This is a result of the DCSS efforts at educating students. I was interviewing some of the just graduated students for a job and found that many of them could neither read nor understand a printed application form. They seemed to be nice people but pitifully uneducated


myside 3 years, 1 month ago on Is the city set to kill the multimodal project?

This new location would be another place for Albany citizens to take something nice and turn it into a dump. That's just the way they live.


myside 3 years, 1 month ago on Data show tourism thriving in Albany

This is, without a doubt, an article that shows the person writing it knows nothing of which she speaks. She does not let truth, actuality, or conscious reporting mess up with her writings..

Look for future articles promoting the achievements of Supt Murfee, the low crime rate, and the total lack of gang activity in Albany.


myside 3 years, 1 month ago on The DCSS is a grease fire right now

Disfuntional groups are that because too many of its members have no idea of what their function is.