navynole 1 year, 3 months ago on Leesburg hires former Lee Public Works director

I am so sick of people blowing things out of portion. They need to do more research before making comments on something. Most of these people donot know the whole story. I always thought people knew what they were talking about. I guess rumor control is not out there anymore in government. Leesburg officals think before you make a statement. It may come back on you at the wrong time. Mr. Clark was a true asset to the city, when he was at the county. He knows how to WORK TOGETHER in getting things done. For the statement GOOD OLE BOYS, he treats everyone with respect and no favoritism. He will look out for the citizens monies. I feel Lee county jump the gun on the so called mistake. He was not making any monies on the deal and tried to save the taxpayers money. I am proud to know someone like this has come to be a servant of the City of Leesburg.