nicholsworth 2 years, 1 month ago on New coon dog show set

Figure a way to "get even"? Obviously, Pete Skiba needs to do a little more research before writing his articles. And, the Exchange Club needs to step up and admit that they fup. The Winter Classic is a part of UKC's Triple Crown (you can find more information on that in the UKC rule book, but I doubt anyone quoted in this article has one). It is the lure of being named Triple Crown Champion that has drawn people from Canada, Washington and Ohio to Albany, GA. Assuming that you can hold an AKC hunt and get the same response is asinine. No, in this case, UKC is the winner. They found an excellent location in a town that is actually excited to have them. I'm disappointed to loose the Winter Classic, but I totally get it. The facilities at the Exchange Club are old and out of date. Pull your head out of your a* and you might see it too.