paschalj 2 years, 7 months ago on Hearing attendees favor current transit site

Jeremy Keeping the Transist Station at its current location is totally unacceptable. Keeping customers for Jimmys' Hotdog is Jimmy's owner business. People of Albany, this is a Inter Modal Transit Station, something for the future and it should be built for the future...not with the interest of individuals that have personal gains to made with the Transit Station sitting in a crowded corner, with no growth/expansion possibilities. With more room this Facility would not only serve Greyhound, Destiny, other Transportation Companies, it could also have access to Trains, Airport Shuttles, Hotel/Motel Shuttles, Shopping Complexes, easy access to Downtown for jobs and Shopping, and more...we limit ourselve with no vision....and complacency.


paschalj 2 years, 7 months ago on Bright of the Day - April 8, 2013

Mr. L.O. Metts of Willow Road-Dougherty County made MY day...and SAVED my phone! As we know there are not too many things worst than losing one's cell phone. The first thoughts..I have lost all my numbers...the next thought ..back to your carrier's store or worse....then you think..if I found it by retracking my movements for the day..there is small chance it could be found. "We fear the worst". But after losing my cell phone at the outdoor mailboxes at the Eastside Post first thought would have been that the next approaching vehicle will find it a crashing roll. But Mr. Metts seen it laying in the streets ...stopped & recovered it and awaited for a call to identify its' owner. I called my MYSELF(lucky ME??) and an American Hero (Mr. Metts) answered and provided his location and directions. What make him an American Air Force Veteran, a father, a great neigbor(I bet!) and just a TRUE..GOOD...PERSON!! Aren't we all?????