patman 2 years, 7 months ago on patman

Wow... if the teacher has less than 30 years in and cheats on state tests that is tied to funding (again, an issue of fraud), it's okay to terminate them but if they have 30 years or more, they can be rewarded with retirement? I suppose the moral of this story is that it's okay if you cheat, lie, or steal - just don't get caught.



patman 2 years, 9 months ago on patman

Let me get this straight... a middle school principal (making $90,000 per annum) willfully violates the law and is not terminated from the school system? Obviously I am not an attorney, but isn't this at the very least fraud? Let's call it what it is and stop trying to minimize the actions. There is no excuse that a school system administrator should not know this is an illegal act - if she was not aware then she shouldn't have been a principal to begin with. What is even more perplexing to me is that we wonder why parents are choosing to send their kids either to private schools or move across the county line to send their kids to other schools... Could it be that the moral climate set by our teachers combined with the apparent tolerance of these actions by our local school board has something to do with it? I'm glad that my child doesn't go to this school - that it is okay to steal and/or lie is not the lesson that I want to teach my child.


patman 2 years, 10 months ago on CRCT fallout plan revealed

If the report does indeed show that a widespread culture of document alterations has occurred by teachers and/or administrators (which it apparently does), then this is a criminal act. As a fellow teacher, I can tell you that in each of these exams, we are all required to sign documentation affirming that we will follow testing protocols and procedures and safeguard the contents and integrity of the exam instruments. Obviously, this was not done. Professionals violated their code of ethics. If a physician or attorney violates the ethics of their profession, do we not expect sanctions to be taken against the perpetrators? Why is education any different? Perhaps if we hold (my fellow) educators accountable for their actions, and if parents continue to do their part by raising their children to follow laws and ethics, as well as expecting their children to keep their integrity intact, this can ultimately be a positive learning experience. There are consequences for our actions, regardless of our intents.