patton1514 1 year, 9 months ago on Project Lifesaver building ground in Albany

I am wondering what the two comments listed first has to do with bringing missing children or missing elderly home to their loved ones....strange how a program that could save lives is used as a forum to make hateful comments and spew political views. This is NOT the place to bring your bad attitude. I am gathering, by the vocabulary used, that these people are uneducated and are generally looking for a place to vent. Oh...sister ruby...was that powered wheel chair paid in full by you...or did you have help? Apparently you and erock have no friends or family with disabilities...just thinking of yourselves and what hatered you can spew behind the facade of a screen name. BRAVO Albany PD....thank you for stepping up!! Officer Barnes thank you for all you do! Leanna...thank you for giving us insight as to how we can help fund these bracelets for those that need them.