paulaharvey 3 years, 3 months ago on DCSS nonrenews 24 teachers and two principals

Riddle me this: you really think the DCSS is going broke because of a court fee or because of a horn? The DCSS has been over paying teachers and bus drivers for years. There is so many dishonest people working for the DCSS its scary. When it was brought to # 34's attention that there was 100,000.00's of dollars being over paid to teachers and bus drivers that was turning in false time sheets every month and had been for YEARS! He brushed it under the table below the rug and under the floor so fast..... said go back 1 yr and no futher for repayments and not to say a word or everyone would loose their job.
He spends his $8000.00 a month exspence allowance on the golf course everyday and might visit 2 schools a week for 10 minutes. But a good time to talk with him might be anytime he goes to work after 3 each day if that. But hey, Hes Doing A Friggin Great Job! Talk about money, how about the non board approved raises that his friend gave herself when she uped her pay from 6 yr experience to 18 yrs and also back paid herself and printed her own check, who signed it you may ask? The DCSS board should be asking. Oh #34 favorite saying should be "What had happen Wuz" LOL Speaking of # 34, isn't that so far down on the dang list you have already stopped reading the names? Didn't the Director of Finance bankrupt his last 2 jobs? Me think so.... I heard tonight that #34 said (as I fell out of my chair) "there isn't any misspending of DCSS funds" Really? He almost had a straight face to. LOL Oh and Im sure they didn't tell the board that one of their secrataries bus driver husband, was just found out to have been over paid more than a $1000.00, and didn't tell anyone. Hummmm......guess it is who you know... I leave you for now with these thoughts and hope they open some eyes to how bad the corruption is in the DCSS and they should get rid of all the so called big wigs and start over.......its so very sad.....