peopleofamerica 3 years, 5 months ago on In Trayvon Martin case, justice takes a hit

I took some of the comments you made offensive. Not all blacks look at the situation as a opportunity to start marches. The real truth is a young man's life was taken for no reason. No matter what color he may have been this young man lost his life. Justice is for all. But in these times in certain places hatred still lives. Albany, Ga is a place where hatred still lives.So when you look at Sanford ,Fla . They compare some of the actions there to here.I believe that this mainly started because of the police department.Their lack of actions started this all. Albany has had some.They are just swept under the rug.I don't care where you are justice is for all.


peopleofamerica 3 years, 6 months ago on Search for next Dougherty head football coach nearing its end

The reason most coaches don't want the position is due the school board taking over half of Dougherty players and send them to other schools. Over 75% of Albany High players were former Dougherty students.Most of Monroe offensive line were former Dougherty students. The school board was gonna close Dougherty until parents and people can details of it.Mr.Joyner does work hard for the students and has continued to do so.Hopefully if he is given the opportunity he won't hold back the offense like the former coach did.


peopleofamerica 3 years, 6 months ago on Justice rally held at Charles Sherrod Civil Rights Park

Lets get the concept of racism out of the way. Now we as a people have to think whether black, white, or even Hispanic. What if it was your child that was shot in the back and begging for help. Wouldn't you want justice. Now I agree the facts are true that there is too much black on black crime. But there is a rally about to happen about black on black crime. Some people are still stuck in the past, but racism still does exist. Let's not look at the facts. For honest we put the dollar bill In God we trust. But we as a people can't even worship together or very well be around each other unless it's work. If we say we believe then why do we not love one another. There is no love in the case on either side.