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Deerfield parents are uninformed and so afraid of social interaction with the world outside their bubble!! This is nothing but a racist decision from a Segregation school .... lets just call it what it is! Won't they feel great when they are the big fish in a DRY pond!! They have now taken the competition out of sports .... Congratulations DWS Board of Trustees, your true colors are flying loud and clear and they are not Red & Blue. This vote/decesion is laughable at best and pitiful at the heart of it all! Where are the leaders at the school and why aren't they standing up for what is right and fair? Board members can keep their lily white environment but at the same time they hope to attract great athletes to enroll through the "Goal Program". I ask you why would an athlete want to come to DWS to play schools that are less than half their size and skill level. There is no one left to play!! A very sad day for this DWS parent of four student athletes! By the way ... did anyone on the Board bother to actually talk to the student athletes?


Ms_Rational 2 years, 2 months ago

This DWS parent of four student athletes need to withdraw his children from this "segregation" school. What did he think he was getting when he decided to enroll his children in that school. It was created in 1964 ....the same year the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. I almost don't feel sorry for him.

Also, the "Goal Program" is a joke. The only goal DWS got is to recruit black ATHLETES, NOT STUDENTS to run, jump, catch and throw good enough so they can be #1 among private schools. So sad blacks are falling for it.

Just the thought of having to play black schools in black neighborhoods, got'em scared and shaking in the knees,


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