pissedoff 2 years, 4 months ago on DCSS chief clarifies position on two principals

who died and left you in charge to say whether or not they are the problem? did it ever occur to you that he is keeping these two for a reason? and do you not know how these two got to thier currently schools now? not sure about th other man but they placed thomas at monroe to clean up all that foolery that was left behind from all the other adminstrators who were there for years and did nothing. since you want to talk about somebody needs some training then how is it she was able to do more then the years she been at monroe then some of the principals that was there for years. walk through that building and note the changes that have been made on the outside and in and then you post a new comment on this blog apologizing for talking too much


pissedoff 2 years, 4 months ago on Goseer, four DCSS principals to retire

does it really matter? damn if you do..damn if you don't. i'm sure if mosley kept these two he had a good reason for it. since he is the "hero" down here all of a sudden and since some of you praise him for cleaning house, i'm sure you will have something negative to say about these two as well. and for the lady who said her child was bullied for 6 months, why would you depend on mrs holmes to do something you sould have done long time ago..it took you that long to realize that something is wrong? and im sure she did her part but did you do yours?


pissedoff 2 years, 6 months ago on PSC withdraws prinicipal's suspension pending hearing

Thanks auntie dee for your words...nice to have someone have an educated opinion...well well, it never amazes me how people in DOCO can be soooo jealous spirited about a person when they are successful and cleary making a difference. some were ment to be lawyers and doctors and then there are some ( people who made any negative comments on this blog) that were ment to be ignorant! if her daughter had a million dollar wedding, then what does that matter with anybody? and just for those who are curious, your so right it was a million dollar wedding....one that people are still talking about..... 6 months later...and the part about being a BOONE....damn right she is one. she will never have to worry about anything cause that is the privilege of being one! I am so sorry you people have nothing else better to do than to rejoice in something you thought was a failure but i guess the joke is on you!