pocketdoc 2 years, 10 months ago on Assistant principal's certifcation pulled

Can educators get some help when they make a mistake! Why can't they be sent to rehab when they do something wrong! Why are they held at higher standards than other people. Taking an educator's certificate is very harsh!! I feel they should be disciplined, but having his/her certificate revoked is too harsh of a punishment. Companies and industries take care of their employees as long as the crime is not too severe. Please give educators a break and stop condemning them and judging them!


pocketdoc 2 years, 10 months ago on High school athlete charged in rape case

First of all, let's get both sides to the story. Who is to say he raped her. She could have willingly had sex with him. He might had blown her off the same day or the next day and she got mad. Anything could have taken place for her to say that about him. Don't pass judgment until all the facts have been revealed. Don't always believe what you read. It does not make it true. Please get all the facts before you condemned this young man or the young lady! My heart goes out to both of them. Society always run and say the man is in the wrong and it could be the woman. Him being an athlete has nothing to do with what happened. Look at the video! Where was the resource officer when all of this took place. School was still in session. Why were they not in class! I'm just saying.