romainer 3 years, 7 months ago on Squawk of the Day - March 5, 2012

To Jimboob

As my daddy always said "Poor folks > have poor ways".<

You and your father are wrong, some poor people have very little, but you can't tell it by looking at the outside of their homes because their yards are neat and clean and they have flowers growing, don't make generalizations.


romainer 3 years, 7 months ago on Legend shares lessons, beliefs

Ed, this was a wonderful article and well written. I was always curious about that childhood friend, because, I like facts and reading biographies and in none of the books and articles written about Ray Charles said that he ever spent any time here in Albany other than him being born here and leaving as an infant, never to return he was an adult. So thanks Ed, for clearing up that lie for all to read.


romainer 3 years, 7 months ago on Squawk of the day - Feb. 17, 2012

When I started school in Albany way back in 1969, the administrators and teachers at my school cared, they lived in the community/neighborhood where they worked. I remember the principal, Mr. Rollins at Lincoln Heights Elementary School going to my house and telling my mother what I had done that day. It was always being late to school by a few minutes. We would go to my cousins house because her mother worked at M&M Mars and would always give us candy. This practice was shut down after he had a talk with my mother and she had a talk with me. My mother always told us that "home training begins at home" and educators can not and should not be expected to raise our kids. Put the blame where it belongs, the rules of how to behave in a polite society begins at home or it should. Oh I forgot, we no longer live in a polite society.


romainer 3 years, 7 months ago on Benjamin Blaylock, Jr.

Dear Brenda and Blaylock family, I am very sorry for your lost. In 1996 I had just started working at Phoebe and just started driving and had my first flat tire, I was standing beside the road, not knowing what to do and it seems like a million cars just flew by and finally someone in a van came by and it Mr. Benjamin B. Blaylock and he helped me, him just caring enough to stop left a good feeling and as we talked found out that he knew my father and we discussed him briefly. Mr. Blaylock proved to me that he was concerned and cared about his fellow man. Brenda, classmate, take solace in your good memories.