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I named my first niece, my second niece, and my third niece and all three have beautiful names,my fourth niece and nephew name came from the Bible and no none of their names are mainstream but all four are beautiful. and even though I was born over 40+ years ago, neither is mine. My nieces were named doing a time when Blacks wanted to create names that were not considered slave names, so we became creative. Now I must admit that some people (not just African Americans) have taken this to the extreme and need linguist before they saddle these children with some of these names that are spelled one way and the parents teach the children to pronounce them incorrectly and when the teacher pronounce it phonetically the teacher gets the dumb looks.


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 Some things will never go out of style and what I learned from Wild Kingdom forty years ago, beats just about anything kids learn today from television, such as how to kill, maim,hate, and disrespect.

 Way back when  we patiently waited on Perkins and Jim Fowler because we knew that we were not only going to be entertained, but would also receive something that would never be taken away from us--Education.

 Don't discount Mr. Fowler and what can be learned from him. If I had known Mr. Fowler was an Albany native I would have been very proud to share my hometown with someone so famous and knowledgeable. We may not have all wanted to be cowboys and Indians, but I imagine we all dreamed of being on a safari and this was just as good.