seeker 2 years, 10 months ago on Heard wrongly vilified in School Board flap

And now he is showing his true colors - filing a frivolous lawsuit! Yes, he had every right to enter the race as an Independent candidate and, had he met the legal requirements to do so, he would be legally running against Lane Price. But no, he first didn't meet the filing deadline - submitting a copy rather than an original affidavit. Okay, with an abundance of caution, let's bend over backwards and be more than fair. Let's say that he did. There's the little matter of submitting the necessary number of VALID signatures on a petition. Even though he has not properly submitted his notice of candidacy, let's go to the trouble and expense of validating the signatures on his petition...Oh, imagine that! There are not enough signatures after removing the fraudulent ones! So we must now defend against his frivolous lawsuit! "Wrongly villified?" I should say NOT!


seeker 2 years, 10 months ago on Election Board disqualifies Heard (Updated and video added)

So the grounds for a potential lawsuit would be that the copy of the notice of candidacy should not have been rejected even though it was, apparently, a copy and not an original (which is required of the filing of an affidavit). It would seem to be a frivolous lawsuit on its face, much more so because it would make ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in the case! According to the report "Rev." Heard's candidacy was disallowed because he failed to obtain the required number of certified - valid - signatures and not because he didn't file proper notice of his candidacy. It sounds like a bullying tactic to force his way onto the ballot. We can only hope that if "Rev." Heard does file suit that it is dealt with as the frivolous lawsuit that it would be and that punitive action can and would be taken against him and his attorney for filing it!