shellybean 2 years, 9 months ago on It's time to Throwdown

Amazed2, I get what you are saying, but you are truly doing the rising stars around here a disservice. You say you don't have to research to know who Lorrie Morgan is, but there was a day people didn't know HER name either. So, you're going to cheat yourself out of some potentially awesome music just because you don't recognize a name? How narrow-minded! There was a time in the even MORE recent past that Lee Co's Phillip Phillips was playing local venues and didn't have a name that is NOW recognized world-wide. When he performed at Riverjam 2010, he had a somewhat much smaller following than showed up for the Idol showcase at the end of the show and no doubt MUCH smaller than he now draws. My point, you and others should research these bands and come support them. If not, you may miss someone who will be just what you want to hear. Music business has changed drastically the last few years and MANY MANY MANY artists get discovered by "research" on the internet. And these artists depend on events like this to get their music out there. Even big name acts depend on festivals and concerts for their promotion. I recently heard Slash and several other huge acts saying exactly the same thing. I think all of us would LOVE a big name act to be here, but the reality is unless we support this festival any way we can, those acts WON'T come. Why should they? If all you care about is a name, instead of GOOD MUSIC, then this isn't the place for them to come -- because at the heart of all musicians is a desire to perform for people who want to hear the music.