sj1958 3 years, 6 months ago on CRCT Investigators say evidence of cheating "found in every school we've been to"

I worked in the system for five years in the middle school area and never once was I asked to cheat on a test of any kind. Those who believe that Dr. Whatley knows about what principals and teachers do on an everyday basic is crazy. Teachers have little contact with administration at their own schools not counting the central office. Dr. Whatley is an upstanding lady with nothing to be ashamed of except being a part of the worst system in the history of education. She could only do what the board allowed her to do. As we all know the board members are a bunch of clowns. It is a shame that we allow uneducated individuals with no thought for our children to hold office. We have no one of quality in Dougherty County that will run for such an office. That is the problem.