sonny83 2 years, 9 months ago on ‘Movie 43’ misses heart of filmmaking

Dude - that is the worst review ever! How the hell can you mention failed character development, story etc - when is this is not the AIM of this kinda film.... And you even mentioned you enjoyed it!! - Are you on drugs dude!? - - I never listen to critics, you seriously are people from another planet! - E.g. I loved Les Miserables seen it 3 times - will prob see Movie 43 three times - also i'm a big Hitchcock and Twilight Zone fan. Before Movie 43 - That's My Boy was my fave comedy (was that bad too??) Why am I wasting my time talking to drones like yourself

I honestly think you just write verbal diatribe to get your 'webpage' hits... It seems like yourself and so many other critics are no longer 'honest' in your reviews - you all jump on the bandwagon....