southernbelle 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Tifton American Legion post to vote on dissolving Scout charter

Thanks S.E.A.---but now I'm wondering "how come" on the preference ordinance article there is no f/b login at end of article?? What a puzzle :)


southernbelle 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Tifton American Legion post to vote on dissolving Scout charter

What happened to the Facebook commenting, meaning why is this article...and others, I think...available to comment on in the old way?

Can someone shed some light on this?


southernbelle 10 months, 4 weeks ago on Herald changing online commenting system

Maybe there's been a smoke-filled room all night, sweat pouring, legs jiggling, "what to do about all these comments?" atmosphere.

Or maybe the Herald says "who cares, we'll sail determinedly and unashamedly ahead, a little egg-y on the face" because who wants to admit they might be wrong?


southernbelle 10 months, 4 weeks ago on Herald changing online commenting system

When the next big news article about Phoebe, the Dougherty County school system, or other similar major (and often polarizing) entities is posted online, and the comment section is like a wet dishrag...and continues to be a wet dishrag and a lonely one at that...then I wonder if the Herald will long for the days when the air buzzed with the activity of the interchange of ideas and opposing viewpoints. I know reading the comments has given me an insight into people's thought processes and beliefs and has enriched my thinking...and that can be taken all sorts of ways! :) In plain English, most folks don't care to make non-anonymous posts, and it's not because people are cowards, it's just because why does everybody have to know exactly who the person is behind what they are thinking and posting? Unless you hold an elected office, I would think the opinion (in a public forum) is what's important, not who the person is saying it.


southernbelle 11 months ago on Herald changing online commenting system

This editorial...blahblahblah kumbaya/warm and fuzzy/bland/white bread.

Me...I'm calling "ridiculous" on this new policy.

Why am I getting a feeling of The Fountainhead characters Ellsworth Toohey (manifested in the spirit of this editorial) and Howard Roark (all those who have commented and given all of us a slice-of-life view into their thought processes, opinions, personalities, short, what makes us individuals)?

I predict this will be egg on the face for the Herald.


southernbelle 11 months ago on High school uniforms a lesson in control theory

Bravo. You nailed it. Run for public office. You speak from the trenches, and speak the truth straightforwardly. No exclamation points as this is way too important a to help lessen the insidious, even subliminal, influence "celebrities" and their oft-times non-existent values have on our impressionable, malleable young people. Thanks for caring.


southernbelle 11 months ago on Dougherty schools’ parents have been asleep too long

CSPECIAL199 says "dr murfree did a great job.its just the fact that he was black they were always being critical of him"

I SAY "if one equates a cause-and-effect of "being black" with "always being critical of a person (and inference from context would be a white person being critical of a black person)" then why do Lem Edwards, James Taylor, Anthony Parker enjoy such support and receive high praise from white people??

Easy answer in layman's terms...they're good at what they do and have good values.

I bang my head against the wall at misguided perceptions of all kinds, in this case misguided racial's the person, not the color. Cuts both ways and then back again.


southernbelle 11 months, 1 week ago on Dougherty schools’ parents have been asleep too long

"I, the reader" am almost at a loss for words.What I'm seeing is an excess of thundering words (plus the phrase "we, the parents" eleven times) in an attempt to stir up some sort of misguided righteous indignation and a groundswell of...something.

"We are a school system in turmoil and yet to be stabilized." ROME, AND STABILIZATION, WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY.

"How can we expect our children to adjust if every year there are changes in administration and faculty?" SOMEHOW I DOUBT THAT A FIRST GRADER, OR EVEN A MIDDLE OR HIGH SCHOOL AGED STUDENT, WOULD BE IRREPARABLY SCARRED AND MALADJUSTED FROM ADMINISTRATION SHUFFLING.

"We have allowed a scandal, CRCT Cheating, to tell us that our children were uneducable" HUH??

And the last two-thirds of the commentary were so rhetorical and stump-speechy that a train-wreck type of boredom, yet amazement, set in.


southernbelle 11 months, 4 weeks ago on ADICA to build canoe/kayak launches on Flint

Couldn't sleep...had a nightmare that Carlton misspelled "majestic" and "trestle" (see "magestic" and "tressel")

Woke came true.


southernbelle 1 year, 1 month ago on A little ‘home training’ would go a long way

Go Carlton Go!!! I'm with you on this.

People are so shallow and self-involved these days that they don't consider or probably even know about old-fashioned good manners. Perhaps they're afraid that it's a sign of weakness or subjugation to think about the feelings of others. "I have every right to talk however I want to in public...and you don't tell me how to act"...that kind of ready-to-fight, childish attitude.

In short, not an "evolved" person. A boor.