speakup 2 years, 3 months ago on speakup

Why isn't Sally Whatley list on the list of cheaters? In all fairness, Patricia Victor was put on the list as she didn't cheat but was ultimately responsible. Well, Dr. Whatley is ultimately reponsible for the whole thing. Right is right.


speakup 2 years, 4 months ago on Murfree asks for SPLOST waiver (UPDATE with video)

Well, Murfree had carpet in his office when he first started. Then, he didn't like it, so they changed his floors to hardwood. I know for a fact that they had to classify the flooring in his office as something different on splost funds because it was not supposed to be covered under splost.


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I wish someone would ask the question of why banking services have not been bid out for years. Someone must have a good friend working at Suntrust for that contract not to have come up for bid in over 8 years. Give your local banks a chance at the business. You say you support local businesses. Well, the proof is in the pudding.