tccvc 3 years ago on Man found guilty of bribery and kickbacks in federal court

Where are the asinine comments for this one sister ruby, cartman, kaos, vsu, chime in


tccvc 3 years, 3 months ago on Sylvester woman indicted for bilking teacher retirement system

the most important part of this article is:

"Members of the public should keep in mind that indictments contain only allegations against the individual(s) against whom the indictment is sought. A defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and it will be the government’s burden at trial to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of the allegations contained in the indictment."


tccvc 3 years, 7 months ago on Despite legal action, Albany Commission to swear-in Hines tonight

Its not Racism, Mr Hines did nothing wrong, and the ballots should have been fixed when the candidate was disqualified, it would have only taken a couple of keystrokes to fix the ballot. I feel that the election should be held again in December, however when the election officials announced that Ms Calhoun name would be left on the ballot, it fell to the voters to be aware. Neither Ms Strother nor Mr Hines voiced any concerns after Ms Calhoun was DQ'd.