tduncanspradley 3 years, 6 months ago

1st of all we should have a choice in what hospital we want to receive care from. 2nd phoebes wait time is ridiculous in the ER, do your research and see how many ppl die in their waiting rooms waiting to be seen. 3rd i was admitted in phoebe and was serve spaghetti with a big cock roach mind you that i had eaten most of it before i realized there was a huge roach in my plate what was done about it? nothing 4th not to mention the $3000 bill we received for a visit to the ER for a staple in my finger that they only pulled out and placed a band aid on it. the bill stated they had put a splint on my arm which was a lie. 5th they want to lease palmyra for $1 how right is this? 6th they pay no taxes b/c they state they are not for profit if they are not for profit then who is with the bills they charge? 7th how would you feel if you have been working somewhere for 20 years and a company takes over and tell you that you have to start over and then they fired their old employees that worked at palmyra how right is that. i could go on and on but you get my point


tduncanspradley 3 years, 3 months ago

how does him deciding to run be considered racism? Evidentally that is why she ran so the white can have a majority as said in the article. So is that racism? Why does she state her calls were from african-americans, what does color have to do with who supports you or not? she could have simply said some of her supporters called to encourage her. So it seems to me she is playing the race card. plus we are not african americans, i am not from africa and have never been to africa. i am a black american


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