teammonroe 2 years, 6 months ago on SATURDAY'S PREP ROUNDUP: Monroe boys hold off Worth, 51-47

I Have to agree with squawkee, I have been to almost all of Monroe games and my tornadoes has the most talented team I have seen in a long time, they actually can have two starting fives, and every game I attend I see a new player emerge off the bench and have a great game even in close games some one out of nowhere steps up, the starting five stay consistant, we wouldnt have the record we have without those guys, but like I say it is a team. I would see this player be having a good game get put on the bench never to return, the next game he is dressed out still not playing but cheering his teammates on and ready to go if coach calls him, and for Coach Davis to say these player are more discipline than these over here. With a record perfect region and 20-3 overall to me it looks like the whole team is pretty discipline. Coach Davis the concept to high school sports is to uplift a kid not break their spirits I have watch those same players stay disciplined and finally get put back in the game but by then they are shook, confused, and not knowing what you really want. I'm usually not the one to question a well educated and qualified man like coach Davis but I'm not blind either, you may just have cause a rift in a powerhouse team late in the season by your words of saying this group is more discipline than this, that should have stayed in house or should have never been said, try uplifting your players as a unit you will get a lot more from your team, We should be undefeated with all the talent on that team there really is no reason, To Coach Davis stop thinking you just a coach to these kids you a father figure to a lot of these players your words and actions may be the cause of some of these kids success or failures, so stop being so quick to cast the iron hand on who are not quite grown men but boys. I ask of you get this team back unified and lets make a run to the state.