tiredofyourbull 1 year, 11 months ago on History is theirs!

Why is it the fault of the kids whose parents made something of themselves that other kids parents are having their lights cut off and lost their jobs? Your comment pretty much can be summed up with "I've made terrible life choices and now am angry at a bunch of teenage white girls for succeeding". How dumb can one person be. Those girls, nor their parents, had anything to do with a massacre but yet you had to TRY to cast a veil of hatred on their day. Instead of blaming the "white man" for your problems, look in the mirror. Your life is where it is because of choices you have made, not what happened to the black race 50-75 years ago. MLK, Jr. Did NOT intend for the black community to neglect to try and better themselves. And he sure didn't die for every street named in his honor to be lined with housing projects and eat up with drugs and crime. I truly HATE to know that MLK laid his life on the line for people who are so willing to moan, gripe, and complain because they refuse to do better. Instead of going off on some teenage girls for succeeding, how about helping by being a role model to ALL kids who want to do better. Pay the light bill for the child with no lights, or helping his dad find a new job. YOU need to do better.