troxellm 3 years, 9 months ago on Company gives up on Early coal plant

Plant Mitchell does not run on a regular basis. It only runs peak hours during summer months. What ever harm could come from Plant MItchell is already done. The Biomass project for this plant has been approved for about 5 years now, since the plant rarely runs they are not going to make any changes until they are forced to do so. I don't feel like Plant Mitchell is a comparison tool for any Coal fire plant due to it's inactivty. Anyone who is an outdoorsmen should be happy about the Early County plant not being build. If you dont agree with this do some reasearch about eating fish out of the Lower Flint. Call DNR based in Albany Talk to Travis, he is a wildlife biologist and avid fisherman. Because of the two coal fire plants on the Lower Flint (Crisp Co and Mitchell), the fish have a very high concetration on mercury. Eating too many fish from this area will cause heath problems. It's ok if you dont belive me, I didn't do the studies the GA DNR did. BTW I was in line to make a good name for myself had the Plant been built, I sell Industrial pipe and valves, I'm glad it did not go through!