veritasthorn 2 years, 9 months ago on Frich ousts Williams from Lee Commission

To all:

Someone needs to fill the role I vacated and begin religiously attending every single BOC meeting.... with a video camera.

Muggridge is going to come to hate those videos over the next few months....


veritasthorn 2 years, 9 months ago on Large turnout expected in Lee

Again I find myself siding with Cartman.

I've been on the losing side of two Lee County (specifically, Leesburg) elections, and I still have utmost respect for Johnson. Of all the people in Lee County government I've interacted with, only two others come anywhere NEAR her level of professionalism, and one of them (Alan Ours) no longer works for Lee County.

I myself will be watching the LC elections from afar, as well as a few other races today (mostly TSPLOST, but I also have interests elsewhere throughout the State as well).

If TSPLOST passes, I will be spending as little as possible in the State of Georgia for the next decade at least.


veritasthorn 2 years, 9 months ago on Lee activist protests T-SPLOST signs

I do believe many county workers and Commissioners in Lee County have already forgotten about this... the archives there provide video proof of exactly what happened at every Lee County Board of Commissioners meeting during the era the sign ordinance was being introduced, debated, and voted upon.

The videos specifically show both Tim and myself speaking out against this abomination SEVERAL times, and indeed one titled "Muggridge on Liberty and Government" has Muggridge himself on record saying why he believes the sign ordinance as written was necessary.

Apparently he feels it is necessary, but doesn't feel that it is necessary to enforce it?


veritasthorn 2 years, 9 months ago on Lee activist protests T-SPLOST signs


If you'll remember - the Board and county employees seem to have forgotten - Tim and I were protesting the sign ordinance when it was first being discussed. Indeed, I made it a central part of my second campaign for Leesburg City Council.

The signs are illegal. Period. District 4 would be well served by a man who can read the laws he is voting on, rather than someone who simply does what Ed Duffy tells him to do.


veritasthorn 3 years ago on No entitlements? Careful what you wish for

Carlton was trying to point out how bad eliminating every single one of these programs would be. Me, I see nearly every single point he made as a good thing. (Main one I disagree on: People should be able to put their money anywhere they want it. It is theirs, not the government's, and the government has no right to track it in any way.)

Unfortunately, for all the talk about entitlement "reform", all any of the Big Government Party means is that they want to give more money - in ever larger sums - to their preferred receivers, be that poor minorities for Democrats or rich white guys for Republicans. The Tea Party is no better - they are simply GOP 1.02.

Even more unfortunately, we could eliminate every single entitlement program currently running - and STILL barely make a dent in the deficit, much less the debt. To do THAT, we have to eliminate all entitlements AND cut the Dept of Defense by 43% (back to 2003 - when we were already in Iraq and Afghanistan and conducting active wars in each - levels) AND end the War on Drugs (which would reduce law enforcement spending by at or above 50% nationally) AND probably even completely eliminate at least a couple other Cabinet level Departments.

But there is only ONE MAN running for President talking about doing all of that - and his name is NOT Ron Paul. His name is Gary Johnson, former Governor of NM who vetoed more bills than every other Governor of his era (including Mitt Romney!) combined.

For all their talk - and I admit, they DO talk about it quite a bit - NO ONE else is serious about the number one National Security issue we have: the debt and the deficit.


veritasthorn 3 years, 1 month ago on Futch resigns from Leesburg council


And guess what? Everything I said about Rhonda was perfectly accurate. I TOLD you during the election that she wasn't serious about Council, and this proves it.

But hey, losing that election led to a $20K salary increase within a year, and a much more peaceful life overall. Not complaining, just laughing my tail off.