walrus 2 years, 11 months ago

It's very obvious that the posters know little if nothing about CTAE classes and the opportunities it gives students. Students are learning skills to work in the healthcare field, construction, computers, military, printing, HVAC and a myriad of other Career Technical areas. The teachers who work with these students spend their nights and weekends training and developing their students to compete in competitions that enable them to earn scholarships and job opportunities after graduation. They compete in SkillsUSA, HOSEA as well as many other Career Technical Student Organizations. Our students can take the skills they learn in high school and start EARNING money immediately. Many of the teachers have come out of industry to teach the next generation of skilled workers, often at a cost of less money because they see the need to train the future nurses, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, welders and computer programmers. If you want to see the future, log on to SkiilsUSA.org and see what our students are doing to develop their future now instead of waiting to graduate!


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