Shinedownfan 3 years, 6 months ago

Hey Walt,

I have a question, but first let me say that I love your letters to the editor and your comments on this site.

My questions is about your letter the other day, which I can find on this website... about squirrels. My husband used to kill them cause they cause so much damage in our yard and our lawn furniture. The cops told us years ago that we could not use bullets and a rifle, we had to use an air gun. So we went to puke-mart and bought one. Then when he would shoot the squirrels they wouldnt die... so he would have to go bash them in the head with a shovel and pitch them into the holding pond behind our house.

A couple times the squirrel would run off, to the neighbors yard on the other side of the fence and slowly die there. The neighbor freaked and called the Lee Co. Sheriffs on my husband. The Lee Co. Cops told us that an air gun is a fire arm and we could not use these to kill the squirrels cause we cannot use a fire arm in the neighborhood.

My question is... is an air gun a fire arm? The cops were the ones that told us to buy the air gun. I've looked online, and an air gun is not considered a fire arm. I saw the months of squirrel hunting season and the amount you can kill.

Can my husband start shooting squirrels again without being hauled off to jail or being fined?

Lemme know!

Thanks so much for your help. (if you get this message)


waltspecht 3 years, 6 months ago

Here in Dawson you have to go to the City Police and get a permit to shoot squirrels or pigeons with an air gun. I used to do it all the time here at Golden Peanut. The new ownerd forbid us doing it, so we hire an exterminator to do it. Is an air gun a firearm? No. Does it and is it considered a potential danger to the people. Yes, the two I have could actually kill a person. You are not permitted to hunt or discharge a weapon wiithin 300 yards of an occupied dwelling without written permission of the occupant. An airgun is a weapon. In the old days Rat traps screwed to limbs and the side of the house were used, That kept them away from pets and small children. Normally baited with peanut butter. Squirrel pot pie is made similar to chicken pot pie. Only you pressure cook them first then debone the meat. It is also an origional ingredient of true Brunswick Stew.


Shinedownfan 3 years, 6 months ago

Thanks for the info. I forwarded to my husband. I work with Industry Insulation. You came by our old office/warehouse on washington st. once (before it burned down). I really enjoy your letters to the editor and I wish I knew which squawks were yours... Have a good Thursday! Carin


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