wdv1tennis 2 years, 1 month ago on Charles Hawkins III

Charlie and I were the 2 young Ensigns aboard the USS Wasatch in the Philippines during 1945. It was the command ship for the 7th Fleet. Admiral Kincaid and his staff were aboard at that time. I came aboard during the invasion at Lingayen Gulf January 9, 1945 and Charlie came aboard a bit later. Being the youngest (19 and 20) we became friends. When the Executive Officer deemed that all Ensigns should room together in a large room below deck, Charlie found a bedroom close by that was unoccupied. We moved in there and stayed as roommates until November 1945 when I was transferred to another ship. I think we were as close as brothers during this time.
Charlie was (and remained his whole life) a very dedicated Christian and was a great influence in my life. I value being able to call him a friend and, even though we only got together once in recent years, I plan to met him in heaven where we can swap sea stories.