wergood 2 years, 9 months ago on Downtown restaurateurs weary of the struggles

It is always easy to criticize the Downtown City Manager when you can do so anonymously. As for BJ statement regarding Aaron Blair not eating at her restaurant that is a false statement. If your restaurant isn't making a profit it isnt unusual to have this struggle. Make changes and take responsibly for your own business. Didn't you decide to launch the business? Perhaps you need classes in business management, and cash flow, spend less on Eddie and file your own sales tax. Roll up your sleeves and do it. It isn't easy, I manage 5 businesses, from property management, retail, construction including a restaurant. See if the city will provide a Business Incubator - setting guidelines to help small owners and classes, a mentor program. Federal $ are available to cover the cost of a Incubator. Non of this will work unless you actually want the help.