IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF DOUGHERTY COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA IN RE: Petition of Desire Ann Ahearn For adoption of minor child CIVIL ACTION FILE NUMBER: 18-A-8-1 ADOPTION NOTICE IN RE: ADOPTION OF L.S.A., a minor female child, born November 3, 2011 TO: PHYLICIA M. AHEARN, legal and biological mother of L.S.A. Last known address: 1547 Brown Road Hephzibah.GA 30815 A Petition has been filed by Desire Ann Ahean for the step-parent adoption of the minor child of Phylicia M. Ahearn. The final hearing has been set for Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Please be advised that your parental rights and responsibilities, including but not limited to your obligation to support the child, will be terminated upon the finalization of the adoption. Should you choose to file a legal objection to this adoption, you may appear at the hearing and you must show cause why your parental rights to this child should not be terminated. In order to object, you must (1) file notice of your objection with the Clerk of Superior Court of Dougherty County, Georgia, 225 Pine Avenue, Albany, GA 31701, Case Number 18-A8-1 and 2) provide notice of the filing of your objection to counsel for the Petitioner, Kimberly D. Lamb, Kimberly D. Lamb, P.C., P. O. Box 1773, Albany, GA 31702-1773, (229) 903-8191 This the _________ day of __________ , 2018. This document prepared by: Kimberly D. Lamb KIMBERLY D. LAMB, P.C. P.O. Box 1773 Albany, GA 31702 State Bar Number: 278846


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