NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER GEORGIA, DOUGHERTY COUNTY ANNISE HARRIS did on February 24, 2004 execute and deliver a security deed to Southern Farms, Inc.., in the original principal sum of Twenty Six THOUSAND Dollars ($26,000.00), said security deed being recorded in Deed Book 2753 at Page 316 in the Dougherty County Superior Court Clerks Office. By virtue of the power of sale contained in said security deeds, there will be sold at public outcry before the courthouse doors in Dougherty County, Georgia by the undersigned during the legal hours of sale on the first Tuesday of May, 2021 for cash, the following described property: All that tract or parcel of land lying and being in Land Lot 71 in the First Land District of Dougherty County, Georgia and being more particularly described as All of Lot 18, Toby Estates, Phase II as shown on the plat of survey of Malcolm Burnsed, Georgia Registered Land Surveyor No. 1691 and recorded in Plat Cabinet 1, Slide C-29 on September 11, 1996 in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Dougherty County Georgia. The property is known as 3436 Fleming Road Albany, Ga. 31705 according to the present system of numbering in Albany, Dougherty County Georgia.. The debts secured by the referenced security deeds has been, and are hereby declared due, among other possible events of default, non-payment of indebtedness as and when due on the indebtedness, and the holder has declared the balance of the indebtedness due. The party who has the authority to amend, modify, or negotiate any terms of the underlying debt is Cecil Musgrove c/o M. Jeremy Lynch, P.C., whose address is 121 Westover Blvd., Albany, Georgia 31707, Phone Number 229-435-1456. Therefore, in accordance with the terms of said security deeds and applicable law, after proper advertisement, the property will be sold. This sale will be made for the purposes of paying the indebtedness secured by the security deeds, and the proceeds of the sale will be applied to the payment of the indebtedness and interest and all charges, expenses and attorney fees in connection with the foreclosure as provided in the security deed, due notice of intention to collect attorneys fees having been given, and the balance, if any, will be applied as provided by law. Said property will be sold as the property of Annise Harris and the sale will be made subject to any unpaid ad valorem taxes, any street assessments, special assessments, any matters appearing of record, visible easements and restrictions and easements of record, matters that would be evidenced by a survey or inspection of the property, all liens or encumbrances superior to the security deed and liens for taxes due the United States of America, if any. To the best if the knowledge and belief of the undersigned the property is in the possession of Annise Harris, tenant, or tenants. This 17th day of March 2021. M. JEREMY LYNCH, P.C. By: M. JEREMY LYNCH, attorney 121 N. Westover Boulevard Albany, Georgia 31707 April 8,15,22, and 29th 2021.


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