NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that on August 2, 2021 at 9:30 a.m., in recognition of the Statewide Judicial Emergency and in lieu of in-person appearance, Honorable Judge Darrisaw of the Superior Court of Dougherty County will hear the case of STATE OF GEORGIA VS. ALBANY DOUGHERTY PAYROLL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY and OUTDOOR NETWORK DISTRIBUTION, LLC, Civil Action File No. 21 CV 741-2 in the Superior Court of Dougherty County, as a remote proceeding via video conference by which the Court, parties, counsel, and any interested member of the public who may desire to appear shall participate via the following information: WebEx Link: Telephone Dial-In Number: +1-408-418-9388 Meeting number (access code): 182 090 3776 Meeting password: 2P3Mmmpk6qs Said hearing being a proceeding to confirm and validate a Taxable Industrial Revenue Bond (Outdoor Network Distribution, LLC Project), Series 2021 (the Bond), in a maximum principal amount of $13,750,000, to be issued by the Albany Dougherty Payroll Development Authority (the Issuer) pursuant to the terms of a resolution adopted by the Issuer in order to develop, promote and expand, for the public good and general welfare, industry, and create jobs and/or maintain employment levels, within the area of operation of the Issuer, which is within the territorial limits of Dougherty County (the County), both within and without the limits of municipalities therein. The Bond is to be issued for the purpose of acquiring, or to reimburse the costs of acquiring, a capital project consisting of certain fixtures and equipment and improvements to facilities (the Project) for use by Outdoor Network Distribution, LLC, a Georgia limited liability company (the Company), for use as a call center, a distribution center, and for manufacturing operations to be located in the County, which Project is to be owned by the Issuer and leased to the Company. In such proceeding, the Court will also (a) hear and determine the validity of instruments relating to and providing security for the Bond, and (b) hear and determine such other questions of law and fact pertaining to the right of the Issuer to issue the Bond and to provide the security therefor. The Bond shall be a special and limited obligation of the Issuer, payable from funds provided by the Company or its successors, shall not be payable from taxes or other public funds, and no performance audit or performance review shall be conducted with respect to such bond issue. Any citizen of the State of Georgia residing in Dougherty County or any other person wherever residing who has a right to object, may intervene and become a party to these proceedings. EVONNE S. MULL Clerk, Superior Court, Dougherty County, Georgia


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