Details for Hook Em Towing & Wrecker Service PUBLIC AUCTION: MARCH 29


Hook Em Towing & Wrecker Service PUBLIC AUCTION: MARCH 29, 2023 at 10:00 AM IN ACCORDANCE WITH O.C.G.A. SECTION 40-11-02, FOURTEEN (14) ABANDONED, WRECKED, AND/OR STOLEN VEHICLES ARE TO BE AUCTIONED TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. TERMS OF PAYMENT: CASH, CASHIERS CHECK, DEBIT or CREDIT CARDS (All Credit/Debit Card payments will have a 3.5% CC fee added). (There is also a $35.00 Administrative Fee added to each sell.) LOCATION: 204 Poplar Street, Albany, Ga 31701 Please note, all vehicles must be removed from the property by 2 PM on the date of the sell. No vehicles can be driven off the property. The vehicles available for auction as stated above are identified as: Vehicle Make: NISSAN Year: 2008 Model: ALTIMA (SILVER) Vehicle ID #: 1N4AL21E68N489669 Case No.: 2022-343AV Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Year: 2011 Model: CAMRY Vehicle ID #: 4T1BF3EK0BU692240 Case No. 2023-43AV Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Year: 2005 Model: COROLLA (RED) Vehicle ID #: 1NXBR32E75Z463970 Case No.: 2022-218AV Vehicle Make: NISSAN Year: 2007 Model: ALTIMA (GRAY) Vehicle ID #: 1N4AL21E97C122422 Case No.: 2022-217AV Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Year: 2017 Model: COROLLA (RED) Vehicle ID #: 2T1BURHE7HC859105 Case No.: 2022-220AV Vehicle Make: VOLVO Year: 1998 Model: S70 (BLUE) Vehicle ID #: YV1LS5540W1434951 Case No.: N/A (TITLE RECEIVED) Vehicle Make: HONDA Year: 2001 Model: CIVIC (BLACK) Vehicle ID #: 1HGEM229X1L098716 Case No.: 2022-263AV Vehicle Make: CHEVROLET Year: 2007 Model: IMPALA (BEIGE) Vehicle ID #: 2G1WT58N279236446 Case No.: 2022-267AV Vehicle Make: HONDA Year: 2007 Model: ACCORD (SILVER) Vehicle ID #: 1HGCM56387A000723 Case No.: 2022-268AV Vehicle Make: NISSAN Year: 2005 Model: ALTIMA (SILVER) Vehicle ID #: 1N4AL11D65C343815 Case No.: 2022-385AV Vehicle Make: CHEVROLET Year: 2005 Model: IMPALA (TAN) Vehicle ID #: 2G1WF52E359181020 Case No.: 2023-28AV Vehicle Make: TOYOTA Year: 2008 Model: TUNDRA (TAN) Vehicle ID #: 5TFRU54108X008713 Case No.: 2023-29AV Vehicle Make: CADILLAC Year: 2004 Model: SRX (GREEN) Vehicle ID #: 1GYDE63A940127808 Case No.: 2022-339AV Vehicle Make: CHEVROLET Year: 2005 Model: AEVO (RED) Vehicle ID #: KL1TG62635B479255 Case No.: 2023-30AV Vehicle Make: CADILLAC Year: 1977 Model: DEVILLE Vehicle ID #: 6D47S7E619214 Case No.: 2020-133AV