Details for PUBLIC NOTICE At 9:00 am on Saturday, April 10th


PUBLIC NOTICE At 9:00 am on Saturday, April 10th, 2021 the entire contents of units listed below will be SOLD at PUBLIC AUCTION by Knight Asset Management, LLC d/b/a Mock Road Mini Storage, at 431 South Mock Road, Albany, GA. The sale is to enforce the lien on said contents of the persons below. All sales will be for cash only to the highest bidder. All successful bidders will remove all contents in the unit immediately and broom sweep the unit. The company reserves the right to reject any bid and withdraw any item from the sale. All units contain miscellaneous household items. A12- Stephaney Jordan A14- Dontavious Carter A15- Sheila A. Harper A27- Shepperton Lee A30- Tanikqua J. Mays B2- Crystal D. North B6- Brandon L. Clyde B10- Addie Kyles B23- Cassandar M Howard B31- Juana D. Jones C1- William Rosier C2- Prisca Wooden C5- Khadigh R. Shealey C6- Lakeshia Love C15- Calekki Clem D4- Dante Rivers D5- Stevonte Crayton D6- Kayla Wilson D10- Cagina Wright D11- Freda McCoy D12- Kayla Wilson D14- Katrina Dailey E14- Tarnisha Jackson F11- Carolyn J. Westbrook G6- Janika Kimber G7- Famous Zaire G9- Taquita Rivers G10- Naomi Johnson G12- John Ellis G18- Turquise Marcus G19- Felicia D. Miller G20- Stefan Nelson G23- Jasmine Myers G30- Kory Smith G36- Sharonda Perry G37- Erica Henderson H4- Emmanuel Brown H8- India Austin H9- Jeanette Shannon H13- Hugh Terry H14- Mieshia Trent H15- Christopher Parker H16- Istajhe T. Johnson H17- Eugene Perry H19- Donald R. Malone H24- Leroy Walker H29- Quincy A. Harper H31- Octavius Johnson H33- Lewis Scott H36- Valerie J. Dowell H37- Misty Medders H39- Daniel Williams H40- Henry Mallory I13- Shanturria Edgar I26- Tango R. Hill I34- Renee Calloway J2- Tehira Sneed J4- Regina L. Homes Thompson J7- Keith Jenkins J8- Shantorria Brown J10- Craig Robinson J11- Jamichael Alford J13- Shannon Bobe J20- Tawanna Williams J27- Tommy James J34- Shirley Daniels J35- Linda M. Ollison K2- Dashera Bishop K7- Victor Hilson K8- Terri Cannon K14- Brenda W. Jenkins K19- Sheravius Williams K21- Hollis Howze K23- DeMetria Ellerson K24- Keith Jenkins K25- Shacora D. Jones K37- Orzella Hunt K39- Charese Reed K40- Quantisha Daniels L12- Andritta Howard L13- Andrea B. Oliver L17- Chantell Brantley L20- Sakitha L. Church L21- Barbara R. Williams L26- Chaz Walker L29- Lekimbree Hall M10- Essie J. Holman M22- Craig Robinson N1- Renee Clark N3- Kendra Hunter N6- Lisa C. Walters N10- Shekila Daniel N19- Jessie L. Richardson N21- Tejuanda Whitehead N30- Max R. Rainey Jr. P1- Shameka L. Hodge P14- Maggen Akam P15- Clinton Janes


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