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Mr. C.W. Hopkins, 90, of Putney, peacefully passed away on Fri…

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Sunny worked as a nurse on a Covid-19 floor of a hospital at the height of the pandemic. The work was hard, but what made it surreal was doing it while living in small town Arkansas, where many people, even some in her own family, said the virus was overblown -- "just the flu."

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  • greybeige said:

    What happened to the movies? Lots more money to be made there for all involved, including the Senior Pastor!

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  • Millie said:

    I've been telling my husband for over a year, just make a sandwich before you go to work. Getting in that drive thru lane waiting for a chicke…

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  • Millie said:

    Three months and still no air-conditioning in the Meredith postoffice! Two so called mechanics have worked on it and still no air-conditioning…

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