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Amanda Borghi with 229 Yoga will lead Yoga in the Gallery at 5:30 p.m. on Friday at the Albany Museum of Art.

ALBANY — The Albany Museum of Art is partnering with 229 Yoga to bring monthly Yoga in the Gallery sessions to the museum beginning Friday.

Sessions will begin at 5:30 p.m. on the last Friday of each month, combining art and yoga into a new experience. Participants should dress comfortably and bring a mat and any other supporting props they need for the session.

“We are delighted to offer this program that brings the art of yoga into our galleries,” Albany Museum of Art Executive Director Andrew J. Wulf said. “As another form of creative expression, yoga is a perfect analogue to the more tenured arts of paintings, sculpture and photography.”

Amanda Borghi, a certified yoga instructor with 229 Yoga, will instruct the initial session on Friday. Borghi, a certified sound healing practitioner and founder/owner of Inherent Sound, has led Art of Sound experiences at the AMA.

“229 Yoga is excited to partner with the Albany Museum of Art to offer Yoga in the Gallery on the last Friday of the month,” Borghi said. “Participants can expect a rotating schedule of instructors teaching and guiding a variety of yoga styles that are accessible to all levels.”

She said the sessions will be influenced by the artwork in the AMA galleries.

“Each class will uniquely integrate the creative inspiration of its gallery surroundings,” Borghi said. “You can expect elements of movement, breathwork and meditation throughout. These classes are open to all levels and are a great way to start the yoga practice you have been thinking about.”

The combination of yoga and art will enable participants to disconnect from the stresses and distractions of everyday life that build up over time. With sessions coming near the end of the month, Yoga in the Gallery will be an opportunity to renew and re-energize before the start of a new month.

“The act of pausing, even momentarily, before a work of art can help us unplug, center, and discover something new about life,” Wulf said. “The experience of yoga in a calm, quiet, gallery setting is a lovely and rare opportunity to experience art and self to the fullest.”

There is no cost for AMA members to participate in Yoga in the Gallery. The cost per session for non-members is $10.

“Please bring a mat and be ready for a great practice in a wonderfully creative space,” Borghi said.

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