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ATLANTA — Georgia Archives and the Georgia Council for the Arts are partnering to present a webinar for small museums and historical societies on archival practices. The online training is scheduled on Sept. 18 at 10 a.m. and is perfect for organizations working with volunteers that would like basic information on caring for their community’s valuable artifacts.

Many small local cultural heritage institutions, whether they be libraries, museums, galleries or historical societies, house important documents for their community. The Georgia Archives would like to assist those tasked with these items’ care in being able to best preserve them for the future and make them accessible to their audience by sharing some of our knowledge and expertise.

This two-hour online workshop will cover both archival and preservation management methods at a foundational level.

The archival component of this workshop will cover collection scope and institutional mission, access policies and research area management, and preservation and collections care policies.

The preservation component of this workshop will cover appropriate archival storage and display materials, environmental monitoring and control, and safe handling practices for art and archival materials.

Georgia Archives’ Collections Manager Hendry Miller and Conservator Sigourney Smuts will teach the two sections, respectively.

The webinar will continue until noon. This training is free, but registration is required. To register, go to

For additional information, contact Smuts (Georgia Archives) at or call (678) 364-3842, or Tina Lilly (Georgia Council for the Arts) at or call (404) 962-4827.

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