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The classic play “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” will be presented at the Albany Municipal Auditorium to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The show is scheduled Nov. 9-10.

ALBANY — The classic 1990s play “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” will be presented during a 30th-anniversary revival at the Albany Municipal Auditorium on Nov. 9 and 10, officials with Spectra Entertainment and the Flint River Entertainment Complex announced Tuesday.

The play, which toured the United States for seven years after making its debut, takes a look at how men are viewed by women in their pursuit to find a good man, as well as how women are viewed by men seeking a good woman. The play takes a broad view of relationship issues between men and women — husbands and wives — and how those relationships are impacted by society.

Playgoers will thrill to the rollercoaster ride of emotions evoked by the play, from tears to laughter, anger to joy. Entwined in the dialogue and action are messages that resonate with audiences, who experience through the performance the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The revival of “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” is being presented by the nonprofit Masterpiece Performing Arts, which was established to teach, train and expose kids, youths and adults in underserved communities to the performing and visual arts. Masterpiece, aware that many in such communities lack the financial resources and sometimes transportation to become involved in the arts, brings the arts to the people.

Instructors with the arts group go into communities, teaching drama, dance, painting, sketching, writing, speaking, storytelling, music, voice and other elements of the arts.

Spectra is an industry leader in hosting and partnering with clients to present memorable entertainment experience for millions of patrons every year. Spectra offers a blend of integrated services, including venue management, food and hospitality services and other partnership opportunities. Learn more about the company at

The Albany Municipal Auditorium is a 965-seat, multipurpose venue that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of three venues — joining the Albany Civic Center and Veterans Park Amphitheatre — in the Flint River Entertainment Complex.

Tickets for “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” which went on sale Tuesday, are available online via or in person at the Albany Civic Center box office. Call the civic center for additional information.

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