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To the squawker who said it would be OK to have a dictator like Putin and Kim as long as it was Trump: You are one sick individual.

I know our city is focused on rebuilding downtown and I understand (I think they could take hints from Thomasville and Americus). But in the meantime our mall is becoming a ghostly shell. Why can’t we support both? Our mall hasn’t been cleaned, painted or had new carpet in years. Couldn’t they be given tax breaks and lower lease options?

It’s because of people like you, Fletcher, that we God-fearing, right-thinking people need what you so callously call “automatic weapons.” One day you’ll wish you had a weapon.

Who thought we’d see a day where the Braves would reconsider Luke Jackson as their best choice for a closer? These multimillion-dollar has-beens brought on by the front office have been major busts.

Remember a vote for David Perdue is a vote to keep “do-nothing” Mitch McConnell in charge of the Senate.

That Americus woman has to be our fake Christian squawker.

Poor Brian Snitker. His boss goes out and gets him the worst excuse for relief pitchers in baseball, and he’s supposed to try and win with them. What a laugh.

Anti-anti-Trump squawks squawker: May God have mercy on this nation, for we have met the enemy, and he is us.

Albany is full of scumbags. My 80-year-old neighbor was involved in an accident at the intersection of Meredyth and Westover on Aug. 9. She was hit by a white male driving a blue pickup. There was significant damage to her vehicle and the low-life left the scene. If you were a witness to this, please call the Albany police.

Yep, Cynthia George takes over the EDC. It’s always the same, ineffective group of people.

While your words will fall on mostly deaf ears and draw criticism from the very people you wrote about, your column Sunday was well-stated and right on point, Mr. Fletcher.

Mike Soroka would be the frontrunner for the Cy Young award if he had any kind of bullpen support. It must be disheartening to pitch so well and have a bunch of no-talents blow the game in the late innings.

The University’s decision to drop one of the less expensive sports has freed Coach Hilton to take a much better job at the University of Tampa. I guess ASU doesn’t like the success Darton brought with it. Hmmm, I wonder what could be the reason? Congrats, coach, on your freedom and good luck.

Only in Atlanta is an 11-0 lead not safe. What a bust these relief pitchers are.

Sooooo, Trump bought a jet plane made my Russia and sold by Russia. Think about that! Scary! Dump Trump!

Jury trials are a joke in Dougherty County.

Give government the ability to conduct meaningful, accurate background checks and I will support a change. Until then, there is too much information restricted that requires review. The current system would work with a release of all vital information.

Do you know why a narc works on Sunday? He’s looking for a pot smoker to bust.

The Braves bullpen is pathetic. The Braves have had several blowout games that ended in nail biters and some cases even lost the game. Saturday night was a prime example.

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