ALBANY — The Charity League of Albany held its 2019 Debutante Ball on December 28, 2019 at Doublegate Country Club. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the young ladies of the 2019 Albany Debutante Club.

The purpose of the Debutante Club is for the members to become better acquainted with the needs of the community in charitable, educational, cultural and civic areas, to respond with volunteer service and to engage in a fundraising project.

The 2019 Debutante Class worked to raise funds for the Gloria Tongol Wellness Fund to help support oncology patients currently in treatment and give them the best possible quality of life while healing. Representatives of the group delivered a check for $9,500 to help support the Phoebe Oncology Center and the patients it serves.

Members of the 2019 Albany Debutante Club are:

♦ Frances Elizabeth Ricks, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Rodney Scott Ricks;

♦ Katherine Lee Martin, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Keith Thomas Martin;

♦ Rebecca Elizabeth Hughes, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Frederick M Hughes III;

♦ Emilie Anne Misamore, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Christopher Michael Misamore;

♦ Ella Grace Swan, Daughter of Mr & Mrs William Lawson Swan;

♦ Kathleen Lauren Cooper, Daughter of Mr. Michael Gary Cooper and Ms Kathleen Dunning;

♦ Mary Brice Morgan, Daughter of Dr Joe Harris Morgan III and Ms Mary Helen;

♦ Madeline Abigail Owens, Daughter of Dr & Mrs Jack Darren Owens;

♦ Brooks Ann Custer, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Cawthon Hester Custer;

♦ Emilee Rebecca Wingate, Daughter of Dr & Mrs Harry Lynnwood Wingate Jr.;

♦ Lilly Chandler Cook, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Peyton Horace Cook III;

♦ Anna Marie Saunders, Daughter of Mr & Mrs James Rayburn Saunders Jr.;

♦ Margaret Douglas Moore, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Yuill Duncan Moore Jr.;

♦ Anna Mobley deRosset, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Marsden Bellamy deRosset III;

♦ Chandler Alexandra Newman, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Austin Crawford Newman;

♦ Elizabeth Carlton Grubb, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Edward Dewey Grubb Jr.;

♦ Morgan Elizabeth McDonald, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Robert Daniel McDonald;

♦ Ansley Virginia Gray, Daughter of Mr & Mrs Russell Burton Gray.

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