ALBANY — IHoop LLC is presenting a one-day free girls basketball camp on Saturday from 9 a.m.-noon at Albany Area YMCA at 1701 Gillionville Road.

The camp is for girls 11-17 years of age.

Callie Evans, a teacher at Monroe High Comprehensive School, said the camp will teach girls the basic fundamentals of basketball such as ball handling, shooting drills and guarding techniques, while as well teaching them self-esteem and character building.

Evans said it is important for girls to create their own identity in basketball, while keeping in mind that they are ladies first.

“I started playing basketball when I was nine, and when I grew up a lot of people teased me because they felt like I was too pretty to play basketball,” Evans said. “I wanted to kind of flip it and take the beauty in balling to where it is okay to be feminine and girly, while being a beast on the court.”

Given that basketball can be an aggressive sport in which players demand their position, take control over their zones and follow through with their shots even when someone is in front of them, Evans said she wants to also teach the girls through “courtside chats” that they can still keep their femininity on and off the court.

“During the ‘court-side chats,’ we get to know the girls on a more personable level,” Evans said. “It is kind of like a big sister, little sister time where we get to learn what the girls are dealing with in middle school and high school because there is a lot of peer pressure at that age.

“We do positive affirmations. With those positive affirmations, I think that will move (girls) to a positive place where no one can tear them down and they can still be themselves.”

Evans said even though there will be girls of varying ages, the “court-side chats” will set a foundation of where the girls are and then gradually move to an appropriate place where everyone is comfortable.

For more information or to register for the camp, call Evans at (678) 531-4077.

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