EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to technical issues encountered because of bad weekend weather, this feature that was scheduled to be included in weekend editions of The Herald is being run today.

ALBANY — The Albany Mall was awash with color Saturday as the Albany Hemerocallis Society hosted its 37th annual Day Lily Show.

In cooperation with the Albany Mall Merchants Association, Albany members of the Hemerocallis Society had their award-winning blooms judged before turning the event into a show and plant sale. The exhibitions were open to all day lily growers for blooms grown, groomed and entered by that grower. The members introduced the various forms, sizes and colors of the day lily to the local community in Saturday’s display. One local member stated that “the purpose of the club is to inform and educate.” All things day lily were available to anyone interested in gaining knowledge.

The blooms displayed were categorized by sizes from miniature (less than 3 inches) to large (7 inches or more) or by double, polymerous and multiform flowers. Growers could also register spider flowers or unusual form flowers for judging. One entry per named class was allowed to a household. The judges considered all entries carefully and awarded growers based on the merit of each bloom considered.

The local show required “all hands on deck” for the members of the Albany Hemerocallis Society. The number of hands required to record the sheer number of entries for display and placement in such a small window of time is a labor-intensive but rewarding task. The local club encouraged growers to enter their blooms and welcomed the public for the afternoon viewing.

The day lily has been compared to humankind by many because every day lily seed is unique. Since the flower was first cultivated many centuries ago in Japan and China, growers have cross-bred and hybridized the plant. The constant hybridizing and mixing of different size and color day lilies have created a multicolored, multishaped and multisized world of unique blooms.

Visitors and participants agreed that we are fortunate to witness these flowers’ special beauty.

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