Time is a matter of perception, and a minute is never longer than when you're a) waiting to use the bathroom, or b) idling in a fast food drive-thru line.

A newly-released Drive-Thru Performance Study from QSR Magazine (QSR stands for Quick Service Restaurants) reveals the restaurants with the slowest and fastest average drive-thru times. It's an interesting breakdown, especially if you don't tend to wait for your food with a stopwatch in hand.

How do you accurately measure a drive-thru wait? QSR Magazine does it every year, using a mystery shopping and market research company to collect the data. According to QSR's methodology, each order was standardized to a main item, side item and drink, along with a minor special request, like no ice. Researchers also recorded the service time from a randomly selected vehicle as well as their own.

"Service time was defined as the time from stopping at the order station to receipt of all items (including change)," QSR's methodology reads. "Additional data collected by each researcher included but was not limited to: order accuracy, drive-thru and exterior appearance, speaker clarity, and customer service. All purchases were made using cash so as not to influence timing."