ADEL – After designing plans for the entire Southwell Medical and Southwell Health and Rehabilitation facilities, the architecture group CDH partners was not content to let their contribution to the project end there.

Mary Lindeman, principal of health care at CDH Partners, decided she wanted to do something a little more for the residents at Southwell Health and Rehabilitation.

“I thought it would be a great housewarming gift for each of these residents to have a beautiful, hand-made quilt,” Lindeman said. “I’m a quilter myself, but I knew I would need some help with such a big project. I reached out to a few local quilting guilds, and we’ve all been working to make this a reality since December of 2018.”

Lindeman and the other quilters from the Wiregrass Quilting Guild, the Willacoochee Quilting Guild, and Pinwheel’s Quilting in Valdosta were finally able to deliver their hand-made quilts on Nov. 12.

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“This is so amazing to see so many people who see the value in this and want to bring joy to these residents by giving them a gift like this,” Lindeman said. “It’s just overwhelming to know that there’s so much love out there and desire to help a neighbor. I think causes like this are just wonderful.”

Many of the 95 residents were excited to receive their quilts, and both residents and staff at the facility repeatedly thanked all the quilters for their time and hard work.

“The residents were very excited about the quilts that these ladies gave out today,” Fannie Allen, activities director for Southwell Health and Rehabilitation, said. “Some even cried when we gave them the quilts, and I think they all really enjoyed it. We thank all of the quilters for taking the time to make these quilts for our residents.”

Southwell Health and Rehabilitation is a 95-bed skilled nursing facility located in Adel. The facility is a hospital-based nursing home that focuses on the physical and mental well-being of all residents with an emphasis on quality care.

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