There is an old story about a man on a roof in a flood. He turned down a boat and said “God will save me.” A helicopter came — same story. He drowned and when he got to Heaven he asked God why He did not save him. God said “I sent a boat and a helicopter.” Ask the Americans still in Afghanistan when they decided to leave.

The pay online function of the Albany Utilities website was obviously designed by someone who is not paid from money paid online.

We have just created a new example of stupid: Governments paying irresponsible people to do what responsible people have already done on their own. Get vaccinated, people.

Everyone wants a cop to give them a mulligan. Yet no one wants to give a mulligan to a cop. They are human, you know.

Yes, squawker, it is illegal for preachers to preach politics from the pulpit. Obviously they can have their own opinions and share those opinions, but not from the pulpit. Then it falls under the church/state separation. I guess “silly” is relative.

What? The Dougherty County Commission voted to give $100 per shot to to those that were too lazy or too stupid not to get it yet. Well, fair is fair. I received my vaccinations on 1/18/21 and 2/8/21. Being a homeowner, I want $200 removed from my property taxes.

Interesting that those who beforehand protested so strongly that they were equitably denied accesses to vaccines are much the same as those now protesting and rejecting being paid to take them.

Trump was a Democrat before running for president. He then decided which political party was most gullible to his lies and scams. Enough said.

Perhaps the prospect of being greeted by midnight, horse-drawn wooden carts destined for the plague pit rather than the modern reality of a shiney ambulance ride to an exhausted staffed, sterile, government paid for ICU, would incentivize a bit more clearly than $100. Easiness makes even the most tragic of little matter.

Now SMRs are upset that the Black National Anthem was played at some NFL games. Your racism is showing. The saddest part about it is that you try to couch your complaints in patriotism. Please do boycott; maybe the next time I go to a Falcons game I’ll see more red jerseys and less red necks. Signed, Yours Truly

Joe Biden was in California campaigning for Gavin Newsome. If I was Gavin, I would have had Biden stay far away from there.

The Phoebe heroes … Behind the Mask profiles in the Sunday Herald is a nice way to show appreciation for front line workers in the fight against COVID. They are doing a great job.

When will our elected representatives and their staff be held accountable for the same laws and executive orders as normal citizens? Currently, they are exempted from many of the laws, rules, and orders they pass to govern the rest of us. It doesn’t sound fair.

Meet the new Falcons ... same as the old Falcons. The curse of the Super Bowl continues.

Wait a minute: If it is cheaper for me to check out my on food at the Neighborhood Walmart, why are all of the Walmart employees just standing around doing nothing?

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