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Boy, Fletcher, you were really off base in criticizing Bo Dorough’s campaign. He won the mayor’s race because he worked harder and had a better plan. Are you trying to cover up for Mayor Hubbard?

The LSU/UGA wipeout game is a classic case of what happens when boys try to play against real men.

How can it be said Georgia has too many people in jail, on probation and paroled? What we really have is too many bad people, too efficient a court system and enforcement arm.

Two items never stolen in the thieving and robberies in the Democratic-run Good Life City: work boots and court ordered papers designating child support obligations.

First caught is not the same as first offender. Albany leadership’s hollow initiatives on crime, code and litter are little more than photoshoot opportunities that lack grit and substance empowering the evildoer and leaving the public as victim of both system and criminal.

Since October, the Federal deficit has spiked 12% — and the Trump tax cut has not helped. The birther put you to work; King Trump will put you in the unemployment line.

I’m sending a heartfelt thank you to the generous anonymous lady that bought our Rocket dinner. It changed my holiday outlook. May your holiday be blessed.

Pete Rose cannot get into the baseball Hall of Fame because of his gambling. But the NFL wants dog-killing Michael Vick to be a captain on their NFL hero game. Vick tortured and killed hundreds of dogs; Rose bet on a few baseball games. How twisted is the NFL?

As a 71-year-old native Albanian, I am looking into to leaving my beloved town because of unbelievable high crime rates and massive littering. Enough is enough. I never dreamed this day would come, but it has. Thomasville was my city of choice, but I was absolutely flabbergasted to learn that home prices in Thomasville are on average 2 to 3 times higher than Albany for comparable homes.

Kamala Harris drops out of the presidential race and some blame it on racism and sexism despite a lack of support from women and African Americans. Even AOC and the squad did not endorse her. (They endorsed old man Bernie.) It wasn’t racism or sexism, perhaps she was just a poor candidate.

Some Republicans are getting off-shore bank accounts for supporting Trump. Those are the ones yelling at Democrats. Other Republicans are afraid of Trump because he will call them names at his rallies and tell his supporters not to vote them back in office. Trump may have dirt on some of them. Trump likes to bribe cowards. It seems the Republican party is full of cowardice.

It is time for real Americans to say enough is enough with Trump’s lies, self-dealing, and sucking up to Putin and let’s follow the law and move America forward in the best interest of all Americans.

Most profound (and true) statement I’ve heard in a long time: “If I wasn’t married to her, I wouldn’t even like her.”

Miss Hubbard is indeed a fine woman, but we elected the best person to be our mayor. Best of luck Bo; we believe in you.

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