While I applaud Bo Dorough for his victory and look forward to his tenure as mayor of Albany, I’d like to thank outgoing Mayor Dorothy Hubbard for her service. She served this community well, and no election loss will change that.

Mayor Bo, when you actually take office I hope one of the things on your agenda is to do something about Recreation and Parks. Please help. No one seems to care.

Two very important lessons were learned from Tuesday election results: What Billy Mathis says is worthless, as he endorsed Quinn, and what Chris Cohilas says is worthless, as he endorsed Hubbard. Let’s hope their fate will also be doomed as politicians.

Enjoyed so much two articles in Tuesday paper by Doug Porter and Will Thault. Thanks for sharing.

Demetrius Young: As The Herald story said, “Oh, wow!”

The City of Thomasville has a good democratic plan for obtaining the revenue to operate their city. Their revenue comes from the profit on their utilities system. There are no property taxes. With Thomasville’s way, all families that live in the city and use utilities pay for the maintenance of the city, not just the property owners. Think that would pass in Albany?

In over 40 years in public service, just how much has Senator Isakson’s personal wealth and that of his family increased? Never mind the medical for life he and his wife have.

Now that he’s leaving and everyone is lining up to honor him, Johnny Isakson is being hailed as a “bipartisan leader.” What a crock. He was a Trump yes-man from the beginning and only spoke against the president when Trump made nasty remarks about John McCain. Of course with Devid Perdue in the other Georgia senate seat, I guess that does pass for bipartisan.

Wow ... Way to go Bo. Now let’s start working on some of those changes that our city obviously needs.

Once again one squawker actually claimed that several Democrats have money (perhaps they meant finances but are not educated enough to use a big word). They offer this lie with absolutely no proof, but that is the Republican way. They are so scared about how badly Trumpinocchio messed up with Ukraine that they are trying something, anything, to take the focus off of traitorous Trump.

The community has spoken: We want change. If Bo Dorough, Chad Warbington and Demetrius Young don’t work to make things better, we need to do the same thing to them that we did to their opponents ... boot them out of office.

It was nice to read The Herald editorial page without the whining Micheal Reagan.

Talking about Trump has replaced talking about the weather.

Once again the electronic edition of the paper today is missing Page A2. Missing pages are a frequent occurrence and most of the time it is this page or the comics page but never the sports page.

Squawker, presenting the facts on child poverty doesn’t make one a racist at all. My question for you: Is it hard to confront the truth about child poverty in Albany or anywhere else with your head stuck in the sand?

Bo Dorough, you da man. Stay strong and try your best not to let us down.

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